Govt. links Women’s Reservation bill and Triple talaq together | Surprising!

In response to Rahul Gandhi’s letter to the Govt. asking it to make consensus among parties to ensure the passage of the Women’s Reservation bill in the womens reservation bill, rahul gandhi on women representation, hyped triple talaq, long halala debateMonsoon Session of Parliament, the Union Minister Law and Justice Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, who also holds Electronics and Information Technology ministry) gave a rather out of the place reply — Congress President Rahul Gandhi must first add Halala and Tiple Talaq into his demand!

Isn’t the Minister’s reply on behalf of the Government silly?

How do Halala & Triple Talaq logically link to the Women’s Reservation bill?

The issues are poles apart.

Halala & Triple Talaq can be seen together.

But how can one club them with the demand for the Women’s Reservation bill?

A women’s reservation bill is for women’s representation right in Lok Sabha and states. It has nothing to do with Halala & Triple Talaq.

Surprisingly, TV news channel Aaj Taq was also conducting a prime time programme (9 -10 PM) on Triple Talaq and some Fatwa given by some unknown Maulvi. It seems either the channel failed to understand the simple distinction OR; has better scouts to choose its prime time programming.