Great Britain giving money to Citizens to Lose Weight


People in Great Britain are already discussing the new strategy developed by the National Health Service to help citizens lose weight.

In its fight again bulge, the National Health Service and Weight Wins has decided to bribe people in order to get them to lose pounds, instead of pleading with people to lose weight or warning them about the dangers of obesity.

The critics of the new strategy find this a waste of taxpayers’ money; primarily because they consider this a luxury treatment to obese and overweight people; who have reached this physical state by partying and living inhibition free all these years.

But the tactic has proved to be effective so far, compared to the previous tactics of spending money on advertising and generating awareness about the bad effects of obesity. The government paid people money to get participants to lose an average of 8.8 pounds. Individuals who managed to earn the weight earned the equivalent of $360.

Though critics are looking at it as a indiscretion on the part of the Government; if the Government manages to decrease, what it spends on giving medical assistance to citizens suffering from aliments emanating out of obesity, then critics will soon have to eat their words.