Gujarat Govt. arresting Thakor for hate speech Better than it attacking Congress

It is surprising that the BJP party and its sympathizers are demanding Congress to expel Alpesh Thakor from Congress. Here are the reasons.

As you know, people from outside states, particularly those from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and North India are fleeing out of Gujarat for the fear of their lives.

Although such episodes of extreme hatred for migrants and resulting violence, is not new to Gujarat, the recent one is a result of some criminal incidents taking place in Gujarat in recent months where are accused are believed to be the north Indians.

alpesh thakor, hate speech, violence against migrants, gujarat governmentOne of the Gujarat politicians being accused of fanning the latest hatred is Congress (INC) politician Alpesh Thakor. In a video, being shared online; he is seen publicly saying: Migrants come to Gujarat, commit crimes and flee to their home states. But this clip doesn’t instigate anyone to resort to violence. Still no responsible person must say words. It is being reported that Thakor just hours ago has sat on a hunger strike in support of migrants.

That said, what is surprising is that the BJP party and its sympathizers are demanding Congress to expel Thakor from Congress. It is surprising because at present it is the BJP which is in power at both center and in Gujarat. Instead of demanding a party not in power to expel its MLA, the Gujarat Government must arrest Congress MLA Alpesh Thakor for encouraging violence. Now that Alpesh Thakor has sat on fast, the Gujarat Government can easily arrest him for crime (creating unnecessary problem for the Government) which is far less than encouraging violence through hate speech. Such an arrest will serve the symbolic purpose only; and will hardly build trust among migrants.

To conclude, BJP governments, both at center and states work in a very confusing manner. Even when the responsibility of ideal action and correct conduct lies with it, because it is in government, it tries to shift the responsibility for everything on someone else. As in this case, even if Congress expels Thakor, it will serve no other purpose other than the political.