Gulzar turns 79…Let’s wish him Birthday

Sampooran Singh Kalra today celebrated his 80th Birthday. Let’s wish him a Happy Birthday! Who are we talking about? Gulzar Sahab.


Gulzar was born on 18 August 1934 as Sampooran Singh Kalra. Gulzar is his pen name. In some of his photos as a young man, he can even be seen as a bearded man with a turban. Gulzar, for his fans, is a genius poet, lyricist, director par excellence, who primarily writes in Hindustani (Hindi-Urdu — Amir Khusrau is credited for the language) and Punjabi; besides several dialects of Hindi such as Braj Bhasha, Khariboli, Haryanvi and Marwari.

Gulzar’s movies and song lyrics are unique. That’s why, there can be only two reactions to Gulzar’s work – You like it or you don’t. Those who like Gulzar (essentially his work) find them evergreen. Some notable mentions are “mera kuchh Saamaan”, “Tujhse naraz nahin Zindagi”.

Happy Birthday Gulzar Sahab… Never ever stop writing.

A Hindu taking a Muslim name (Urdu name) is not new to India. India is a land of Hindu-Muslim co-existence for more than 1000 years now. We love Urdu as much as Hindi. Religion for most of us is limited to Prayer (and prayer is personal). This is what is called Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb.

Talking of name switch, Anu Malik a much loved music director in the Indian film industry, is the son of veteran music director Sardar Malek.

Born as Anwar Sardaar Malik, the music director shortened his name to “Anu Malik” when he made his debut as a music composer in 1977. Anu malik, is the composure of songs from hits like Phir Teri Kahani Yaad and Baazigar.

Anu Malik has a signature style of putting too much instrumental music at the beginning of the track. Young generation likes the style.