Gurmehar Kaur and India’s eroding Locus Standi on Hate Crimes

They silenced themselves as today they feel that India has lost its locus standi (right or capacity to protest) on the incidents of Hate Crimes.

Yesterday the body of Srinivas, the Indian killed in Kansas USA hate crime was cremated in Hyderabad. May his Soul rest in peace.

For information purposes only, a hate crime is a crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence.

Srinivas was killed because the killer thought him to be a threat. Not to mention the killer had a certain prejudice towards anyone who he thought doesn’t belong to USA. Or doesn’t look like him.

Earlier whenever such incidents involving Indians happened anywhere outside India, people, especially the liberals (those with non-extreme views about politics, Nationalism, religion, region, ethnicity etc.) were the first to condemn such incidents. But in the past couple of years, they are increasingly being tagged as libtards (Liberals who’re retards) and sickulars (those who have secular illness).

In a very short duration of time such voices were silenced. Today, such voices have stopped registering their protests. They are not afraid of being tagged as partial or retards for airing their disappointment. They silenced themselves as today they feel that India as a Nation has lost its locus standi (right or capacity to bring an action or protest) on the incidents of Hate Crimes. Today these individuals ask themselves twice before registering their protest. The dilemma doesn’t come from the tags and the trolls. The dilemma comes from introspection. The introspection which tells them that — How can they condemn such hate crimes on Indians abroad, when the similar hate crimes are taking place within India?

Not so in the distant past, they have seen a man lynched by a mob on the name of religion, and what constitutes his food plate. Not so in the distant past, auto-rickshaw & taxi drivers from one region of India were thrashed in another region.

We are divided in the name of ethnicity. In a sense that we can speak at lengths about unity, but are rarely accepting and comfortable with a person of other ethnicity. A particular political view questions the reservation to SC, ST and OBC, every now and then. A particular political view to this day has extreme uneasiness with every religious minority.

All this resulted in a constant erosion of our locus standi on such hate crimes. To this day we try to see hate crimes within India as a political tussle. Which in fact, they are not. They are plain hate crimes.

Thus if we cannot call something a hate crime and condemn it in India; then what right do we have to do that for such a crime taking place elsewhere. After all, the perpetrators of such crimes in other countries may be motivated by similar prejudices and have genuine hate for any minority.

To conclude, the Ramjas College student, Gurmehar Kaur, the one who protested against the violent protest by a political Student wing against a seminar going to be held in DU’s Ramjas Campus, has left Delhi. Notably, the Seminar was on Freedom of Expression, with invitations to JNU students Umar Khalid and Shehla Rashid.

Gulmehar who happens to be Kargil Martyr’s daughter, spoke against the alleged hooliganism by members of RSSaf affiliated to Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP). She later received gender centric threats of sexual nature. It’s a hate crime. As the person is getting hate crime threats for her being a woman.

I left it to you to decide whether she’s telling the truth or not. And not much weight must be given to her claim simply because she’s a martyr daughter. Such a claim can be made by any person and must always be heard. Hence, you decide without any baggage. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s possible or not. But you can see this video of a student leader speaking to a College Principal. Is he giving her threats? If Yes, then do those threats have an inkling of a Hate crime?

If you see an inkling of hate crime in the video, then we must worry…