Gurmehar Kaur’s Political View doesn’t justify Uncivilized Behavior | Ramjas Feud

Is Gurmehar an AAP activist? Even if Gurmehar turns out to be an AAP activist, her political loyalty doesn’t justify Uncivilized Behavior against her.

Ever since Gurmehar Kaur revealed that she received threats for her support to Ramjas College DU Event and her opposition to the violence resorted by those against it; she’s being tried to portray as an AAP activist.

The question is simple: What if she’s an AAP activist?

In all probability, Gurmehar Kaur can be an AAP supporter. In fact she can be a supporter of any political thought. But that doesn’t mean the rivals get a right to abuse her or give her threat calls!

It’s here alright to understand that pointing to Gurmehar Kaur’s AAP connection is not wrong.

What’s wrong is pointing to her AAP connection or her being an AAP activist to justify an uncivilized behavior or Hate crime like behavior against her.

Any person who’s proud of his/her upbringing or who’s not paid to become a troll or who considers himself or herself as a balanced person with education knows this simple discretion.

To conclude, enough of this intolerance debate. Those who’re really intolerant are showing that from their verbal behavior. This issue of intolerance will keep surfacing every time there’s an election to be won. This is some Roman Emperor like behavior: A Roman Emperor who wanted to distract people from real issues of Governance, used to host Gladiator fights for the next 50 days.

Today the issue of Nationalism and intolerance surfaces every time there’re elections somewhere.

The main objective behind supporting Gurmehar Kaur is not to look into deep intricacies of politics. There can still be some playing underneath. The main objective is to say that Gurmehar Kaur’s Political View doesn’t justify Uncivilized Behavior against her.