Guy tried his best to avoid collision… Really?

On a busy road, with a lots of pedestrian (a person walking) crossing, a young man in his 20s tries to traverse the patch without decreasing his motorcycle speed. A Girl, 11 or 12 years old, crosses the road. The man can’t control his motorcycle and falls on the road unconscious. The girl narrowly escapes the collision, and fortunately gets away with some minor bruises on elbow and knee.

The people around, pick up the man, and immediately head to the Hospital. Since the guy is not wearing a helmet; no one is sure of the injuries he has incurred. Thanks to the helping people.

But surprising thing is, no one asking the child, whether she is alright or not. The onlookers and helpers are busy discussing another Wisdom : The Guy tried his best to avoid collision…

Yes, no one is asking, why the guy was speeding up, when there was so much crowd on the road.

As far as “the guy trying his best to avoid collision with the Girl” is concerned, then we must understand that any effort to avoid collision has nothing to do with the motorcycle rider’s good desire to save the Girl. It has nothing to do with motorcycle rider’s driving skills as well.

Any effort to avoid collision was simple reflexes. These automatic reflexes are our brain’s way of protecting Self (Body). This explains why we cover our head or become coiled, the moment we fall down.

Hence, the guy would have UNCONSCIOUSLY tried to avoid collision, even if we replace the Girl with a brick wall or a Truck. Hence lets not praise the guy for something he shouldn’t be praised for. Actually he must be criticised, as he was flouting every road rule.

PS:  I have shared with you a real incident.

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