What is in a “Ji” | Hafiz Saeed is a terrorist is a Fact

Sometimes I think we Indians are not that simple as we believe ourselves to be. The primary reason for it seems to be the use of Hindi language in a large part of India.

Let I explain why I’m saying this.

Hindi is not just any other language.

It is one of those languages which have in-built words and grammar to portray ‘Respect’ and ‘Lack of it’.

ravi shankar prasad hafiz ji, rahul gandhi hafiz saeed ji, terrorist masood azhar ji, ravi shankar prasad hafiz ji, rahul gandhi hafiz saeed ji, terrorist masood azhar ji, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed jiFor instance when we say “He is going to market” or “She is going to market” in Hindi; we have to keep in mind who that “He or She” is.

In simple words, when the same sentence is about father, mother or any elder, then the sentence is said or written in such a way that “it reflects respect”.

In the same way, when the same sentence is about a peer, friend or a public figure, we are not that cautious about “respect or lack of it”.

In the same way, when we want to say something about a criminal or a thief; we construct our sentence in such a way that “it reflects a lack of respect”.

In English, when ‘He’ is used then there is no distinction between a father, friend or a thief.

It is this basic attribute of Hindi which makes us much complicated in our thinking than we in real believe ourselves to be.

Add to this the element of sarcasm present in people of every society; and our thinking becomes even more complicated.

And this explains why we easily get angry; and start making insignificant issues significant (both in real world and political discourses).

For instance,

Is it really a big deal that one of our politicians referred terrorist Hafiz Saeed as Hafiz Saeed ji?


Don’t shout.

Both Rahul Gandhi of INC and Ravi Shankar Prasad of BJP referred Hafiz Saeed as ‘Hafiz Saeed Ji’ in the past one week.

It is only that when Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad while attacking Rahul Gandhi also referred the terrorist as “Hafiz Saeed Ji”; he tried to save the situation by claiming that — Him (Mr. Prasad) using Ji for Hafiz Saeed was a sarcasm.

If sarcasm reasoning in Hafiz Saeed ji can be acceptable for Mr. Prasad; then why the same reasoning cannot be accepted for Rahul Gandhi!


So we are unnecessarily giving too much importance to “Ji” in the present political discourse ahead of Lok Sabha Elections.

Instead, we must focus on the real questions —

What investigation is being carried out by our Government on Pulwama terror attack?


Was there security breach or intelligence failure? … Or if not then what may be the other reasons which resulted in the death of 45 CRPF personnel !


Lets not focus too much into how some terrorist is being addressed.

Irrespective of how Hafiz Saeed is referred to — He will remain a terrorist; and that no word addition or sentence construction can change. His job is spreading terror and he will be seen as terrorist; and a terrorist can never be respected in any society.

To conclude, some of us are unnecessarily focusing on Why Hafiz Saeed is referred that way. As said above — We use Ji also when we want to show sarcasm. I’m sure both Rahul Gandhi and Ravi Shankar Prasad used “Hafiz Saeed Ji” in a sarcastic way.

That said, we must focus on a very visible fact though — We have more or less gone silent on Pulwama, and we are not asking questions about the current status of the Pulwama terror attack investigation. Those are far more important questions today.