Hate Speech consequences | A person can Lose his Job!

Some people do indulge in hate speech online. Hate speech is speech that attacks a person or group on the basis of their race, religion, ethnic origin, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Many a times, people who indulge in such hate speech happen to be Government employees or someone who works in organized sector. Their service rules may not hate speech, fired from job, suspended from job, Indian consultant losesallow them to indulge in such hate speech, but still they do indulge in hate speech. The primary reason for this may be sheer disregard to rules, less than adequate knowledge about rules OR; absence of adequate rules about hate speech. But whatever be the reason for indulging in hate speech, sometimes hate speech does have consequences. For instance, last month a bank employee in Kochi has to pay the price by losing his job. His Facebook opinion about the sexual assault and murder of the eight year old child in Kathua was viewed as inappropriate and hence unacceptable to Facebook users; and his employer. But such examples are quite rare in India.

People in India may be just understanding the meaning and consequences of Hate speech yet. But that doesn’t mean the employers are not taking note of hate speech within India. It is only that, Local employers are taking note of hate speech, when they are being informed of some hate speech by their employee. Outside India or or in companies which have operations outside India, hate speech is well acknowledged, and those found indulging in it, are rarely pardoned. At the very least, the employee found guilty has to pay up the price by losing his/her job.

A US based company DDI has recently suspended one of its employees, who worked as a consultant in India, for hate speech. The company was alerted to the fact that an employee who worked as a consultant in India had made statements on social media that accepted violence against members of the community in the Kashmir region. In a Joint Statement from DDI’s CEO Tacy Byham and President David Tessmann-Keys, the company stated that it was shocked and saddened by the nature of these posts, which are in direct violation of its mission and values. The company suspended the employee with immediate effect and; launched an investigation to determine the full scope of the issue. As of May 12, 2018, the company has accepted the individual’s resignation.

To conclude, those who indulge in hate speech online (Facebook, Twitter etc.) must be aware of the consequences a single Facebook share can have on their career. So every young man or woman serious about career or is hunting a job must be aware of what is hate speech and what are its consequences. Those in a job in organized sector, must know what his company’s stand is about hate speech. Else they can unknowingly like or share or comment or say something, which can be hate speech

Hate speech is not that difficult to understand. Use this simple rule: If you cannot say, approve or share something in a formal setup (can be an office, school or any formal stage), then that can be a Hate speech.