HD720 Ruggedized USB 3.0 external hard drive

ADATA HD720 Rugged External Hard Drive with Large Capacity. HD720 Ruggedized USB 3.0 external hard drive

ADATA Technology recently launched the HD720 ruggedized USB 3.0 external hard drive, with a sporty design. The highly robust external hard drive is targeted at travelers and users that demand the most durable portable storage. The ruggedized USB 3.0 external hard drive is dust, water, and shock resistant.

And is available in several capacities up to 2TB (2000 GBs).

External Hard Drive with Multiple Protection Fronts

HD720 Ruggedized USB 3.0 external hard driveThe HD720 external hard drive complies with strict IEC/EN 60529 IP68 specifications and requirements. This means the unit offers complete dust tight protection for stable and long-lasting operation in environments with a lot of dust and particulate matter.

Unlike standard external drives, the HD720 does not require special care in terms of dust-proofing, so both travelers and professionals can use it worry-free.

Certification also means the HD720 is rated for up to 120 minutes of submersion in water at a depth of up to 2m.

ADATA has also designed the HD720 to surpass the already-tough MIL-STD-810G 516.6 drop test: the drive can easily survive sudden and violent crashes and drops from as high as 1.8m, whereas the standard for rugged hard drives sets a 1.2m drop height.


External Hard Drive with Triple-Layer Shock Resistance

The HD720 is coated in custom-weaved flexible silicone arranged in three layers for serious shock resistance of the type likely to be prized by anyone from mountain climbers to construction site personnel. The drive features a smart G Shock sensor that halts drive read/write operation should a shock beyond a preset threshold occur. This prevents data corruption and loss, with drive operation resuming once the shock has subsided. Users are alerted to this with red and blue indicator lights.


Large Capacity External Hard Drive with Smart Cable Management

HD720 external drives are offered in capacities of up to 2TB so users get ample storage for photos, video, music, documents, and more. Coupled with the extreme levels of durability on offer, big capacity means more memories, moments, and work items can remain easily accessible wherever users go. The HD720 uses smart cable management, the wire tucking safely into a wraparound groove for pack-and-go convenience.