Heard of the use Mustard Oil for cooking?

If yes, and if you are living in countries like US, Cananda, then you will be using it for external use only; and will probably know that Mustard oil is excellent for massage during winters.

Other benefits of mustard oil, which people who use it for external use only, will also be aware are:

1) It can be used as an antibacterial, anti fungal oil

2) Helps to detoxify human body – when used for body massage

3) Helps to reduce hair fall through improved blood circulation if it is massaged on scalp.

4) It can be used as an irritant for stimulating sensation in senseless organs and muscles.
Irritants are also useful for driving up muscles.

5) Useful for treating cough and cold

6) Protects teeth from germs if rubbed on gums and make gums strong

7) Helps stimulating sweat glands and helps lowering body temperature

But many people don’t know that when consumed or used for cooking, Mustard oil has other benefits too.

Like Organic mustard oil is claimed to help prevent cancer, other metabolic diseases; and is also helpful for slowing down the ageing process. It consist of fatty acids like omega alpha 3 and omega alpha 6 which have beneficial properties (what beneficial properties). It helps to stay away form coronary heart diseases and helps make immune system strong. It has antioxidant and cholesterol reducingproperties. It is also loaded with essential vitamins. Though this oil is nutty tasting it is good for heart and also has many other benefits.

Last but not the least, it stimulates digestion, circulation and excretory system.

I don’t have any scientific study to back, what I have written in this post – regarding the benefits of consuming mustard oil in protecting the body from diseases. And I will not make any over the board claims.

But I have observation to back what I have written.

I’ve observed that, and for this there’s scientific backing too; that in those regions of India, where mustard oil is consumed there is low incidents of above ailments. There’s less obesity too. And the tradition of cooking meals in mustard oil is not recent, but can be traced to ancient times. Even Yoga practitioners of present and past, use it as a good alternate to cooking oil.

Those who argue the use of Mustard of pungent oil to temperate climate of India; then, it’s to note that mustard oil is used more in non-temperate and hilly regions of the country compared to temperate ones.

Although, peoples’ health depends on many things apart from cooking oil; still if some food ingredient traces to far history, then it’s good to know about it. And despite of its pungent taste, food cooked in this oil tastes great.