High Efficiency PSU (s) : AP-500A GOLD, AP-600A GOLD

New Asia Powercom GOLD Power Supply Units. Super high efficiency PSUs offering stable & surge free power to protect your PC.

Asia Powercom, today extended their high efficiency psu range by adding two new products AP-500A GOLD and AP-600A GOLD PSU. These new gold series high efficiency psu units are upgraded to meet the standards by high performance with various high-tech PSU components and leading technology to get more than 80% efficiency.


high efficiency psuAP-500A and AP-600A comes with 12V 4poles connector, 20/24 Flexible Connector, 2 Molex Connectors, 3 SATA Connectors and an extra 8pin PCI connector for graphic card which is designed to render good quality, high performance and incredible value to the user. These PSUs are designed to create less noise and ripple; also to provide protection against overload/over voltage by using high quality filters, capacitors & heat sink. AP-500A comes with 80 mm cooling fan while AP-600A has inbuilt 120 mm cooling fan for greater and quite cooling along with the sleeved wires. AP-600A comes with mat finish black paint with no glittery paint job. Asia Powercom GOLD PSUs are all set to worldwide standard for quality, consistent power at unbeatable value.


On the launch, Mr Rajiv Shah, Director at Asia Powercom, said

These upgraded high efficiency psu units — GOLD PSUs will help us associate and deliver the basic and mid-range PC user’s demand for quality PSUs. Home PC builders, Gamers and Servers can now get the noise free, ripple free and all other protections with more than 80% efficiency hence considerably reducing the electricity bill.


Price, Warranty and Availability


Asia Powercom high efficiency psu AP-500A GOLD comes with the MRP of Rs. 999/- and the product is available in retail pack with Asia Powercom carrying a warranty of 3 year


Asia Powercom high efficiency psu AP-600A GOLD comes with the MRP of Rs. 1999/- and the product is available in retail pack with Asia Powercom carrying a warranty of 3 year


Features & Specifications:


  • Compatible with Intel and AMD
  • Efficiency > 80%
  • High quality filters, capacitors & Heat sink
  • Low noise and ripple
  • Over voltage, over load protection
  • Over temperature and Short circuit protection
  • Sleeved wires
  • 80/120 mm cooling fan