Hindi Satirist Neeraj Badhwar’s book HSFH…already out of stock

Hum Sab Fake Hain is a catchy title for a book. That is the beauty of self deprecating book titles, you instantly develop an interest in such books. What is inside the covers is an altogether different thing. BTW, a person experiencing drought of a particular kind, hardly looks at the quality within the covers. That said, I instantly tried to order the book from FK, but found the book out of stock. How is this possible? The author of this book Neeraj Badhwar is not even known online (going by the online information and social network profiles), and his book is already out of stock. A little research ,and you unearth some information about the author. Neeraj Badhwar , Delhi, is the Deputy Editor & News Anchor with Sahara Samay. he’s the author Owner/Editor of Khabarbaazi. He’s also a Columnist with Navbharat Times & Dainik Hindustan. But does professional profile make his book sell like hot cakes? Actually he writes satire. The kind of satire, which is liked by many Indians online. Here are some examples :

@neerajbadhwar tweets:

The talk of unemployment in India is a total Lie. News is that when a leopard trespassed into Hema Malini’s house, Esha Deol had gone outside to Work.

Neerja Badhwar writes in a satirical piece, titled things you may not know:

What is the difference between David Headley and Digvijay Singh. Headley is basically a Pakistani, while Digvijay Singh is Forgettingly a Hindustani.

Another 140 word satirical piece from Badhwar:

My soul shudders with fear, when I think an year has 365 days and UPA will be in power for 3 more years.

Badhawar regularly retweets Faking News tweets, a satirical website which unfortunately is still reluctant to write satire about the new Government at centre.

Badhwar who writes in Hindi, does have a following among Hindu readers (although his twitter followers don’t portray that sentiment), and that explains the response to the book.

Satire is often seen as a democratic humour, sparing no one, but that’s not the case. Just like any form of expression, satire also has leanings. Badhwar’s book will be satirical to those who enjoy the above tweets and piece. BTW, the very description of the book, talks of television advertising models, who are least demanding, and fall for any guy who rides a 150cc bike or savours the Pan Masala of a particular brand.