Hollywood loves slain cocaine godmother Griselda Blanco…Bollywood loves Haseena Parkar

Yesterday, I was reading an article which shared “Why women prove to better teachers than men”.

The Article said, the women are normally better teachers than men; as they have a great virtue. The virtue to see a child with the tenderness of a mother. Men on contrary, don’t have such empathy.

This appears quite true. More so, lady teachers are found to be better when it comes to controlling teenagers.

What I read in the article, came to my mind when I read an article today, about Griselda Blanca, a Miami based Gangster and drug mafia, known as the ‘Godmother of Cocaine’.

Blanca was killed by two gunmen on a motorcycle in her hometown of Medellin (in a style of execution she reportedly perfected), Colombia. During the 70s and early 1980s she was a pioneer in the Miami-based cocaine drug trade and underworld. She is rumoured to have ordered 250 murders during her Gagster years.

Hollywood, for its love for a good crime saga, instantly saw this as an opportunity for a celluloid version of the life story of Griselda Blanco (to be made by Paul Wahlberg, where Jennifer Lopez may play Blanco). At least three feature films and an HBO series featuring Blanco were in the works at the time of her death. The HBO series is based on two documentaries made by Alfred Spellman called “Cocaine Cowboys,” which went a long way toward keeping Blanco’s vicious legend alive.

India has its share of Women Mafia bosses too. In Mumbai, Haseena Parkar, sister of fugitive gangster Dawood Ibrahim; is said to be running Dawood’s illegal businesses, since the don left India. A book titled Mafia Queen of Mumbai, is about the stories of women Mafia bosses in Mumbai.

The Teacher article, can be easily related to these women dons. Contrary to men Gangsters, these women kingpins, often wield their “Motherly” magic on their gangs. And over time, they become mother figure to all those who follow her orders. And then thrusting a Gun on the hand of a boy and give kill orders becomes easy.