Honda Mobilio MPV Advertisement shows Evolution!

Honda has rolled out in India two versions of Advertisement (Television Commercial) for its Mobilio Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) . Both the advertisements focus on the  ample space and portray Mobilio as a car spacious enough for the entire family : Husband , Wife, kids, grand parents, and some close friend. But still the two mobilio ads are different.

Honda Mobilio TVCThe first advertisement, which is not being aired now, focused on Indian habit or desire of accommodating Chattel (day to day things) inside the car. That’s why the ad talked about fitting not only Shalini (a kid of Half Ticket age) but also a Staircase. Some person might have complained against the ad, as when you keep a staircase inside the car, even airbags may not be useful.

The second advertisement, the one with “That’s My Right” punch line, focuses on portraying Mobilio as one big car for one big family. But unfortunately for Honda, the ad was too long. That’s why we are seeing a truncated version now. Where the Ad begins with one line from kids and then jumps to the Wife emphatically saying “Mere Hubby Ne Khareedi mere liye Safe Car” (my husband bought for me a Safe Car). Honda is a big Company, that’s why it may not be much concerned about the length of the ad. I think the decision to truncate the advertisement may have been taken for other reason. The other reason is: Who influences the Buying Decision! 

Father of Advertising , David Ogilvy , once said : The Consumer is Not a Moron; She’s Your Wife. What he meant from this line is simple: In a family , what to purchase decision is taken by the Wife. Even a car which is considered a boy toy is decided by the Wife, once she is around. 

The problem with the Honda mobilio second TVC was that it diluted that right of the wife. Hence, Honda corrected that mistake.