Honest Sanjeev Chaturvedi not welcome in Modi Government Too

Remember Sanjeev Chaturvedi? The Indian Forest Service Officer, who saw a dozen transfers in two years in the Congress led Haryana Government. The Officer with an IIM degree has no empathisers in Modi Government as well. Mr. Chaturvedi, who was doing exemplary work as the Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) of All India  Institute of Medical Sciences, an admission by none other than a secretary in Union health Ministry, in early May 2014, has now been removed from the post for three months. Interestingly, the same secretary has recommended the removal now. Mr. Chaturvedi, as CVO, had unearthed major corruption issues in AIIMS involving politicians and bureaucrats.

Sanjeev Chaturvedi IFSWhen Sanjeev Chaturvedi was being victimised in Haryana, for bringing to light some corruption issues in Haryana Government; he was moved to AIIMS. Taking notice of the victimization, the Supreme Court of India, has instructed the then Government that in future  Mr. Chaturvedi’s transfer will be first approved by the PMO or the Prime Minister’s Office. Notably, his removal has the PMO or PM Modi’s approval.

To conclude, while Union Health Minister Dr. Harshavardhan, claims the removal as routine, as Mr. Chaturvedi was not eligible for Vigilance Officer’s post; the Central Vigilance Department had no problem with this appointment. For the past two years , Mr. Chaturvedi was named at CVO at CVD’s website. A top BJP leader was hyperactive in bringing non-eligibility issue now.

The write-up doesn’t say Mr. Chaturvedi is the only ultra honest individual in the country. It’s only questioning, how an upright officer before May 16, 2014 suddenly becomes an untouchable now. So untouchable that he’s not only being avoided by most TV channels, but also by ever enthusiastic Facebookers, tweeters. This article, because someone has to write about him.