Hottest Chilli Spray from Chilli grown in Assam

DRDO develops Hottest Chilli Spray from Assam Chillies, for women’s self-defence.

In an India which is getting increasingly unsafe for women, a Chilli Spray developed by DRDO is seen as the saviour.

“Yes, Defence Research laboratory in Tezpur, Assam has developed a chilli-spray called CAPSISPRAY. It is a non-lethal spray for personal protection and self-defence,” Defence Minister A K Antony said in reply to a written query.”

“It contains Oleoresin Capsicum extracted from world’s hottest chilli Bhut Jolokia, largely cultivated in Assam and other parts of northeast,”

— said A K Antony, Union Minister of Defence, Government of India

The nomenclature: CAPSISPRAY name comes from ‘Capsaicin – the chemical which gives fire to the chilli’ + ‘Spray’.

“The prototype of the chilli spray is ready and the product is required to be tested for several toxicology parameters. DRDO will take further steps to popularise once trials are over,” said Antony.

DRDO’s CAPSISPRAY as Self defence Weapon for Women:


Even when DRDO’s CAPSISPRAY is seen as the hell of an agony for the attacker (especially when it’s directed at the attacker’s eyes); still Chilli Sprays or pepper sprays can’t be the solution to Women’s safety in the country.

The reason is: A weapon is as good as the guts of the person using it.

In the hands of a determined and bold person even the chattel like a ball point pen, a rolled newspaper, a mobile phone etc. can be an effective weapon. In the hands of an untrained and clueless person even a gun is useless.

If the Government wants to provide better security to the women in India, it should work on developing effective strategies regarding — Female foeticide, inheritance rights to women and coed education. That apart, making the police more sensitive towards women is also important. Else, a woman may use the chilli spray against the attacker, only to see him return with more malice.