How a sister Coped with the Loss of Kid Brother, New Book

Losing loved one can be devastating. But how to cope with the loss and move ahead in one’s life, so that something meaningful can be done not only or the self but also for the peace of the departed soul. A new book deals with just this.

a new book about how a sister came out of the grief of her kid brother's death. A new book by Kimberly Lollis Parrish, titled ‘All the Way to Heaven and Back: Surviving the Loss of a Loved One’, is the story of a sister who loved her kid brother so much that his death turned her life into one of an unending sorrow. The new book is about love, death and grief; and more importantly how Kimberly Lollis Parrish copes with the loss, and finds hope and inspiration in the darkest of hours.

About the Book

Kimberly Lollis Parrish has written a book about the death of her brother entitled “All the Way to Heaven and Back: Surviving the Loss of a Loved One.” The nonfiction memoir was edited and published by Richard Robertson.

Part crime drama, part self-help, but totally captivating, author Kimberly Lollis Parrish shares her powerful story of love, brutal loss, and crushing grief. When her baby brother Griffen was born, he captured the hearts of everyone who met him, and Kimberly loved him as if he were her own. Growing up in small town South Carolina, he did his best to rise above the cruelty in life, but it slowly dragged him down, finally leaving him dead by the side of the road. His mangled body offered clues, but authorities didn’t seem interested in answers. Ignoring crime scene evidence, conflicting witness accounts, and the marker drawings on Griffen’s own body, they called it a simple drunk driving accident. Broken and bent with grief, Kimberly heard Griffen’s sweet voice whispering, “I love you all the way to Heaven and back” and decided that’s just how far she’d go to find justice. What she found along the way was strength, hope, and her ability to touch others dealing with overwhelming grief.

Kimberly Lollis Parrish was born and raised in Hickory Tavern, South Carolina to an imperfect but loving family. She followed her passion for children and teaching until she was fired for refusing to change the grades of students to suit the whims of their parents. She appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show to share her story, which sadly would not be the only dramatic point in her life. After the tragic death of her younger brother Griffen, Kimberly began speaking publicly about binge drinking and bullying, using her unique style to touch the hearts of everyone she meets. Kimberly loves dogs, kids, and owls. Her natural compassion makes her a champion of the underdog, and she shines with positive hope and optimism despite the dark shadows that have fallen over her life. She is a member of the MADD SC Board of Directors and the owner and president of ArrowHawk Industries in Laurens, SC.