How can someone Support Khaps? Question to India

Arvind Kejriwal, the new entrant to Indian politics, whose call for clean politics has struck a popular chord among a section of Indians, yesterday said that he would not ban the illegal village courts, popularly known as Khaps, because they had a “cultural” purpose despite their harsh treatment of women.

What is this man saying? Is he clearly thinking on what he’s saying? How can someone support an entity who treats women harshly? And how can someone support or recognise an entity which is declared illegal even by the Supreme Court of India?

AAP leader, Arvind Kejriwal’s statement supporting Khap is very unfortunate. The Highest Court of india, the Supreme Court has declared the Khap Panchayats as ‘Illegal’ something which must be wiped out from the face of India. This is what Supreme Court had said in its 2011 verdict on Khap,

A Supreme Court bench of justices Markandeya Katju and Gyan Sudha Mishra , in its April 19, 2011 judgement termed Khap panchayats as kangaroo courts and declared them illegal. The Supreme Court ruling said that Khap panchayats are wholly illegal and have to be ruthlessly stamped out.

The Hon’ble Supreme Court also said that the new trends of kangaroo courts, honour killings, “khap” panchayats in northern India and “katta” panchayats in Tamil Nadu is barbaric and illegal, the perpetrators of which required the harshest punishment.

Terming honour killings as shameful, the apex court said, “There is nothing honourable in honour killing or other atrocities and, in fact, it is nothing but a barbaric and shameful murder.”

Now I see, why the leaders of AAP are termed Naxalites and anarchists by many prominent Indians. The top leaders of AAP are surely anarchists, who for their momentary gains and selfish interests can destroy every foundation of Indian democracy. If they can’t respect the judgement of Indian Supreme Court on Khaps; then it’s futile to think that they will not destroy the very tenets of Indian Constitution.

Although, the attitude of AAP towards women became evident the way AAP leader Somnath Bharti  treated the Nigerian Women in Delhi. Still, the very act of Kejriwal’s support to Khaps, as some cultural organisations, has shown to the World his true face. As a matter of fact, you can’t treat a woman badly even if she is doing an illegal act. If men behave the way AAP leader behaved and acted that day, then every woman in this society in unsafe.

After all, set aside the Legality, you can’t lend even the moral support to a Non-Constitutional Kangaroo Court, which is known for its atrocities on women and young men and women. Lending Support to Khaps is akin to supporting a Criminal, and saying that if he commits the crime again, we will punish him. 

The fact of the matter is: AAP is contesting the upcoming Haryana Assembly Elections. They have already chosen Yogendra Yadav as their CM candidate. They are seeing votes in Khaps. Hence the support.

I’m not saying contesting elections is wrong, but stooping that low to gain votes is immoral. And if a human being has to stoop that low for a CM or PM’s post, then let thousands of such Posts go to dust.

Arvind Kejriwal’s statement that Khaps are Cultural organisations is plain lie. The Khaps are illegal Courts who …

  • Give their silent approval to Female foeticide.
  • kill innocent men and women for marrying as per their wish.
  • harp unimaginable cruelty and barbarism on Women.
  • defend men accused of sexually assaulting a woman
  • keep issuing diktats as to what young girls and women must wear, who they talk to and how they live their lives.
  • see themselves as moral police and supreme judges.

To conclude, entities like Khaps can’t be tolerated, even when tradition allows for them. Simply because they are illegal. The parties like AAP and leaders like Kejriwal must not be tolerated as they have no real respect for Indian Constitution and the Institutions, the Constitution of India gave us. Parties like AAP want power at all cost, it has a distinct hidden agenda, which is not clearly seen at present.

To save us from any Anarchy and moral policing (live this way, not live that way, dress like this, etc. ), we must not tolerate any unconstitutionality in the country. Remember, it’s the same Khaps in Muzaffarnagar which challenged the Police to keep in mind the consequences, if the accused in the Muzaffarnagar riots are tried to be arrested. Ask what were these criminals accused of? Sexual assault on women, and other crimes.

This is what Supreme Court said in its 2011 verdict against Khaps, which clearly tells what Khaps are known for,

“Atrocities with respect to personal lives of people, committed by brutal, feudal minded persons deserve harsh punishment,”

If we don’t wake up now, and tolerate any intolerance and unconstitutionality of any kind, then we ourselves will be to blame. As in an anarchy, moral policing and Kangaroo Court, it’s the women who suffer most. And suffer first.

PS: What makes Arvind Kejriwal’s statement illegal are Supreme Court’s other directions in its 2011 verdict against Khaps. The Supreme Court in its 2011 verdict against Khaps had directed State Government to suspend (proceed against such officials departmentally) the District Magistrate/Collector and SSP/SPs of the district as well as other officials concerned and chargesheet them, if they do not prevent the incident of Khap despite having prior knowledge.

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