How Celebrities monetize their Weight gain and Loss, tells a new Book

You may have noticed that celebrities keep gaining and losing weight. The plea most of the times is an upcoming role. But a 2011 book by Jo Piazza, titled “Celebrity, Inc.: How Famous People Make Money“, says that Celebrities gain and lose weight for some other reasons as well. One of these reasons is: Gaining, Losing Weight Means Money flowing in for Celebrities.

How this happens:

According to Piazza, whenever a celebrity gains weight he/she (the manager/agent on behalf) contacts weight-loss companies like Weightwatchers or Jenny Craig. A contract is signed between the celeb and the company; and once the celeb sheds all those pounds in six months; he/she claims that the ‘weight loss is the result of the diet from that weight loss company’.

Thus gaining and losing pounds is often a monetizing activity for celebs.

Celebs like Elizabeth Taylor, Valerie Bertinelli, Kirstie Alley, Sienna Miller, Victoria Bekham and many others who are seen as gaining and shedding pounds on their will, once they are back to their slim self, can be seen going all praise about some particular company’s weight loss products.

This is no surprise, as the author says that celebrities pocket anywhere between $500,000 and $2 million for endorsing diet programs.

The trend has become so systematic that celebs today are in no fear of gaining weight during personal milestones like pregnancy, as they can monetize their weight gain for some ‘post natal weight loss product’ endorsement.

New mom Jessica Simpson did exactly that. She has reportedly inked a Weight Watchers deal worth USD 3 million.


As a non-celebrity, you have literally no chances to monetize your all those pounds. But since you now know the economics behind celeb weight gain and loss, Hope that you will not lose your sleep for the excess pounds. For better peace of mind, Read the Book.