How does Hollywood actresses manage to remain slim and stunning even at40 ?

I know you will say, they go dieting; or they have the most expensive trainers to manage their weights; or their profession demands slim and stunning look; or they are anorexic and hence are not healthy.

I know you will give plenty of reasons for them being slim and stunning even at 40.

It’s not your fault either, media has made such perceptions so permanent that if someone says “so and so actress looks stunning even at 40”; pat comes the reply “who wants to be that slim”!

But good thing is, no matter out of what(jealousy?) this reply comes from and no matter how impromptu it is. This particular reply is nothing but TRUTH.

Most women don’t like to look like these slim and stunning Hollywood actresses.

I reiterate Plain and simple: Most women don’t want to look that stunning.


As that will make them DESIRABLE.

Men will hit at them and that can be a problem.

Actually when it comes to weight gain mind plays an important role: If it thinks getting slim will make life problematic, then it’ll try to convince all the time that it’s better to put on some weight.

Here comes the role of past experiences in weight gain: if a person had a certain past experience that says getting slim is an invitation to trouble; the person unknowingly will keep on putting weight. Brain works on survival instinct; if something threatens survival it advices not to go in that direction.

Hollywood actresses manage to remain slim even at 40 as they don’t associate “slim & stunning looks” to be problematic to their survival (or insecurity). In contrast, in their profession being desirable ensures survival. Hence no matter what their lifestyle is, they manage to remain slim.

Not stretching the point further, let I conclude:

While asking yourself time and again why you failed so many times to keep a check on your weight; Ask yourself, do you really wanted to lose weight ? …

Chances are that, whether your weight problem now needs medical, surgical or simple intervention; it’s you who has stopped yourself from losing weight…

A sincere question to yourself, while standing in front of a mirror will, help you get the true answer…

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