How I remember Bal Thackery

I See Bal Thakery very similar to Lalu Prasad Yadav. Like Lalu, Bal Thackery knew quite early in his life, the importance of giving voice and confidence to that section of people, who is somewhat marginalized or who are not listened to. For Lalu Prasad yadav, such an experiment rabbit (for political experiment) was (and is) the common Behari Man. For Bal Thakery, it was the Marathi Manus.

Lalu and Thakery, both being razor sharp intelligent politicians, used different ploys to milk these two groups of People. While Lalu Prasad yadav, added MY (Muslim-Yadav) mix to his Bihari Respect Politics (Biharis are some what Liberal, particularly when Lalu Began his politics); Bal Thakery added the staunch Hindutva.

To admit, both Lalu and Thakery managed to create enigmatic personalities among their devoted followers.

This is not a surprise, if one believes in the reports that Thakery family comes originally from Bihar. The kind of politics both did, gives credence to Thakery’s Bihari roots; as followers of both Lalu and Thakery, behave like tigers in their own states (Biharis in Bihar and Marathi manus in Maharashtra). Courtesy, Lalu and Thakery, You can’t take Biharis and Marathis, taken for granted in their own castles. And this will be their biggest contribution, even after Lalu and Thackery are gone.