How Internal Motivation Makes or Breaks a Weight Loss Plan

We all have an internal motivation system.

When we want to accomplish something, this internal motivation pushes us to achieve the goal we have set for ourselves.

Be it studies, work or weight loss; this intrinsic motivation tries to push us to the extreme to achieve the desired result.

The tendency of intrinsic motivation to give extreme push in a way is one of its biggest strengths; as it prepares us, or our body and mind for the upcoming hard work both have to put, to get the desired result.

But, at the same time, internal motivation’s non-ending desire to give an extreme push is one of its biggest weaknesses as well.

And this weakness makes it to act at times, like an over enthusiastic physical trainer or a dietician. Someone who tries to achieve the goal in a very small time; or in more suitable words in a very “unrealistic time frame”.

As no one can do an hour’s work in a minute or a day’s work in an hour; in the same way no one can lose 50 pounds in a week.

What happens is: whether it’s the unrealistic push by internal motivation or by an over-enthusiastic trainer or dietician; if we go on an unrealistic weight loss plan; like doing strenuous work outs for two hours a day, seven days a week; or cutting the calorie intake by eighty percent on the very first day; to effect a 50 pound a week weight loss; we have programmed ourselves to lose the battle on the very first day. Those who will allow themselves to be pushed can try to get grounded for a few days, but the eventual result will be “Calling quits”. If fatigue or desire will not make you quit, cold, flu attack will. Our body is designed to work in optimum conditions; irrespective of what intrinsic motivation thinks.

So what is the idea:

Whatever your internal motivation says, do what your logic says(or what scientific studies prescribe). If it says you can’t stand up from the couch and instantly run on a treadmill for two hours; let the logic/science prevail. If your internal motivation argues that you can achieve the results in an unrealistic time frame; give it another plan “Tell it that you want to achieve the best results and time frame will be decided by the body and not by it; although tell it to give you higher goals whenever the body reaches any important landmark in terms of weight loss plan ”.