How much weight you should lose per week, for a successful weight loss?

Below is a common situation, many weight loss enthusiasts find themselves in, 9 out of 10 times; but unfortunately, still remain clueless about the possible reasons. You read it first, see whether it resonates with you:

XYZ, a professional from the city, joined a Gym with a desire to shed all those excess pounds. Assuming that diligently following the regimen and diet will help him/she get rid of his/her his problems, including high cholesterol, lethargy and regular stares and taunts; XYZ starts his/her weight loss journey with great enthusiasm.

A year later, XYX, is weighing 100 kilograms or 220 pounds; about 10 kilograms or 22 pounds more than he/she had begun a year ago.

Utterly disappointed with weight loss programme and with self now; XYZ is still clueless about what went wrong, when he/she initially lost 10 kilograms or 22 pounds in the first two months.

XYZ has now made mind that either weight loss programmes don’t work; or he lacks the determination to lose weight.

XYZ turns his back to the weight loss and healthy eating.

What went wrong?

There are countless XYZs out there, who intend to lose weight end up with no results in the long run, because of certain mistakes.

And that mistake is: They appear to be in Hurry. In a big Hurry.

They initially lost 10 kg in the first two months. But as soon as they spend first three months, gyming; their urge/motivation loses and they start putting the health to low priority positions. In addition to the mental unwillingness, their bodies start showing signs of initial onslaught and stress at Gym too (the body starts raising red flags, with aching calf, arm or frequent colds).

A consequence of which, XYZ starts staying late at work, munches on comforting foods (high fat, high carbohydrate foods, as Body starts demanding it to repair itself of the wear and tear it suffered during high intensity gyming and dieting of three months); and the whole weight loss programme goes into oblivion.

A year later, XYZ ends up having a body weight 10 kilograms higher than he/she has begun with.

When it comes to weight loss, slow and steady (deep) steps wins the race:

As already said, the biggest reason for a failed weight loss; wherein the incumbent ends up having a body weight more than what he/she started the weight loss programme with is the HURRY — The mindset which makes towering and unrealistic targets to be achieved in short time duration for the Body and ends up ruining the entire programme.

The right way to lose weight is to stick to the amount of weight you should lose per week for a healthy weight loss. If you successfully do that, week by week, you will end up successful in your weight loss.

The biggest reason XYZ failed in his/her weight loss was that XYZ Lost about 2 kilograms or 4.8 pounds of body weight per week in the first two months of his weight loss programme. When on contrary, experts advice, NOT more than Half to 1 kg weight loss per week (1 pound to 2.2 pounds). Otherwise, the weight loss can harm the body.

Thus, XYZ’s 2 kilograms or 4.8 pounds a week may be harming the body, that’s why it dropped the gun in just three months. The body can be overwhelmed much earlier as well.

The Right Approach to weight loss:

Let’s summarize them in point form:

1) Ensure that you don’t lose more than Half to 1 kg weight loss per week (1 pound to 2.2 pounds). And stop losing weight once you reach your normal or ideal body weight. Ideal body weight is the weight a person should have, based on his/her height and age.

2) Start weight loss programme in a slow manner. No need to hurry. Weight loss targets are not made with some upcoming wedding, party or trip in mind. Remind yourself that, your body will get back to shape at its own pace. The right way to lose weight is: Body will normally take the same time losing those extra pounds; as it did gaining them.

3) Don’t get desperate to lose weight: Use your other talents to entice the world.

4) For a permanent solution to one’s weight and more importantly health, one needs to incorporate positive changes in one’s life for the rest of his or her life. Which is impossible unless you keep taking baby steps towards a healthy life; that too with the enthusiasm of a child.

For example, if you keep weighing yourself time and again and panic that you are not losing much weight; you will lose your battle early; instead, if you amuse yourself and compliment yourself, just like a child does, every time you walk ten more steps than the previous day; then you are on to more positive and permanent changes in your life.

Remember, 90% of the times people fail, not only in weight loss but in any endeavor in life, as they are too critical of themselves. Hence, hit a treadmill, stairs, walk, jog, with a child’s mindset, take it with joy and sit for rest as soon as you get tired.

5) Start treating weight loss, as your walk towards good health, and make it an endeavor of finding a long-term solution for it. Bring in behavioral changes and lifestyle modification, along with exercising and dieting.