How Murli Manohar Joshi condemned SP’s Saifai Mahotsava!

Amidst human tragedy at Muzaffarnagar riot rehabilitation camps in Uttar Pradesh, SP Government chose to dance and enjoy themselves in Safai Mahotsava. Obviously, all political parties are criticizing SP for this apathy.

Interestingly, the words BJP leader Murli Manahohar Joshi chose to register his disappointment at the Saifai Mahotsava, made any logical person think. The BJP leader said,

“When at a time people are distressed by cold and acute weather, the Government enjoying themselves at the Saifai Mahotsava is unfortunate”

Surprisingly, Mr. Joshi didn’t say the words Muzaffarnagar riot victims in his criticism of the state government. This is kind of weird, as the winter cold and unfriendly weather affects people every year; and festivals and joy days go along. The Saifai Mahotsava also takes place every year. If there would be no riot victims this year, no one would have complained about the Saifai Mahotsava.

Why Murl Manahohar Joshi not to use Muzaffarnagar riot victims in his criticism, can be for two reasons:

1) Any speak of muslims makes him less of a Hndutva leader OR

2) If his party has any role in the riots, then the words would never come natural. Only a clear conscience can render a clear condemnation.