How Police investigates Crimes, Criminal Turned Informers: New Book

We often hear that, the thing at the root of police atrocities on pulbic, in any country in the World is , how it gathers the information. Most of the times, Police gathers information on investigation and on criminals through its Informers. These informers are mostly, Criminal Turned Informers.

And this closeness of Police to these “once Criminals” sometimes backfires.

And then the police personnel being wronged, pens a Book.

A Former cop in US, Paul Dale, has written a book about murders. Murders, which the former detective was accused of organising in 2004. The people murdered were Christine and Terence Hodson, a petty crook and drug dealer who turned informer.

What the Book is about:

The Book Chronicles Dale’s career.

How he was co-accused of the murders, and tried in Court of Law. The book gives new details about the Hodson murders and be highly critical of how the investigation was handled. In Dale’s words, the murder was very solvable.

The author, claims that the investigation went wayward as, the entire focus of the investigation was on him; which resulted in investigation overlooking other factors. In the book, Dale also outlines the points, which the police should have followed.

Commenting on the way, Police gathers information, Dale says police procedures at the time were to blame for him getting too close to the Hodsons.

Apart from Information gathering methods of police, the book also discusses the case from corruption in the police force pov.

Notably, Dale was accused of offering $150,000 for Hodson to be killed. But the case was closed in June 2010 after one of his accusers died.

Dale said he wanted his side of the story out.

*** Daughter of the slain couple, Mandy Hodson, is bitterly disappointed with the book news. and wants him to be stopped from publishing.