How to Deal With Bullies at School, Work and Life | Teaches a New Book

The author of a new book, titled Warrior of Life: A Guide to Self-Transformation, is from a man who was targeted by bullies as a child. While still young, he got the realization that he couldn’t change the bullies who were harassing him, hence he better change himself. This philosophy for personal change worked so well. When adult and already a householder he turned to the martial arts as a possible solution to his problems.

Well into the martial arts philosophy; he soon realized that when the same philosophy is expanded and applied to every area of his life, Life itself elevates, in all spheres.
Now after many years of practicing the empowering philosophy; and hundreds of popular workshops and seminars for kids and adults; Charles Householder, a popular motivational speaker, has reached the stage, where he can present his Guide to Self-Transformation, in the form of a book to the readers around the world.

Guide to Self-Transformation which the author calls ‘A proven framework for manifesting life success’.

What the book offers:

The author has spent the last twenty years of his life studying, practicing, and teaching the success strategies presented in this book.

Warrior of Life is based on Householder’s philosophy of personal transformation, and his approach that combines success rituals, with regular journal entries, daily exercise, long term goal setting, and courageous lifestyle changes. Each strategy in the book incorporates examples of how Householder came to develop this knowledge; which includes studying with martial arts masters, Buddhist lamas, a Native American witch doctor, and successful business leaders.

The book begins with Householder sharing his own experiences and how he applied the concepts in the book to effect his own self-transformation. Next, the book flows naturally focusing on Spiritual growth, mental development, and health and fitness training, eventually leading to two final strategies for living a fulfilled life, which include embracing large challenges, and leaving a legacy.

In short, the readers will find strategies that they can apply in their own life, whether it’s:

— Helping children deal with bullies
— Solving serious life problems
— Developing a strategy for achieving goals
— Living life to the fullest

While there are many strategies in books for personal development in the market, Warrior of Life touches on them all while presenting it in an easy to apply, practical manner, teachings that continue to work for the many participants who have attended his events.

Warrior of Life: A Guide to Self-Transformation

by: Mr Charles K Householder Jr

publisher: Householder Publishing Company, published: 2012-03-23

ASIN: 0615616631

EAN: 9780615616636

sales rank: 71217

price: $18.95 (new)

Warrior of Life is a guide to self-transformation written by Charles Householder, a professional speaker and trainer. Householder realized at a very young age that he desperately needed to change his life. Frequently, the target of bullies, this young man also harbored irrational fears of the world around him. Together these things led him to study the martial arts and personal development teachings. Over the course of twenty years, Householder has trained with various martial arts masters, ninjas, Tibetan lamas, a Native American witch doctor, and many other unique individuals. Currently, a martial arts instructor, Reiki master, licensed skydiver, certified scuba diver, and adventurer, Householder has tested his various skills by competing in endurance events while simultaneously attacking the business world. In Warrior of Life, Householder shares his personal journey and the lessons he learned which can be applied by others desiring to improve and transform their own lives. Using the Asian martial arts systems as a framework, readers will be introduced to esoteric spiritual practices, advanced mind skills and mental techniques, physical health and fitness training, and a philosophy for success based on centuries old warrior principles.