How To show Your PM Candidate Look Capable? BJP Teaches Congress

These days no matter what Congress does, it shows itself or its PM or its PM candidate weak in the eyes of India.

Take for instance, yesterday’s folly.

In the absence of Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi chaired the meeting of the top leaders of Congress. The meeting was to discuss Congress’ plan of action for the 2014 Lok sabha Polls. Although Priyanka Gandhi was intelligent enough to meet the leaders in Rahul Gandhi’s house, still how can Congress commit such a folly. If if starts to show its leaders look more capable or equally capable than Mr. Rahul Gandhi, then how will Rahul Gandhi look Capable? Remember things are always relative.

The Congress must learn some lessons from the BJP. The day BJP sidelined its top leadership, that’s the Jaitleys, Swarajs, Advanis for the towering Narendra Modi, it literally crushed  every other leader under its umbrella. Thus, the faces of founder members, past presidents, stellar leaders disappeared in a single night. To make the action perfect, even the right of intelligent quotes and Vision was put under the sole proprietorship of Modi ji.

BJP is an intelligent party. It knows things are relative. You’re taller only because someone is smaller.

Hope Congress learns this valuable lesson from BJP.