How To Spot a Muslim Man at Garba? …Yes, by ID Card

In a week, the Navratras will begin. Will also begin the Garbha Celebrations in many states of India.

This year, the Garba celebrations, the venues where people of all ages, gender and marital status dance to the devotional songs (often with a hint of courtship) played on DJ or performed by Orchestra and propagated through loudspeakers, in the state of Madhya Pradesh will be different. A lady MLA from BJP has decided to make them peculiar.

About a week ago, the BJP MLA and state BJP vice-president Usha Thakur announced that no Muslim men will be allowed entry in the Garba Pandals or venues. A week later, the order of Madhya Pradesh Government backs her wish and the local administration in Indore and Ujjain cities yesterday instructed garba organizers to make sure that men are allowed entry only after checking their photo-ID cards..

How will the organizers spot a Muslim man?

Obviously by ID Card. If you thought about some other identification, then you better cleanse your mind. Yes, a small cap can be no identification. As it’s so small that every Muslim man secretly entering the Garba pandal, can tuck it inside his trouser or Pathani suit kurta pocket. Pathani Suits are as synonymous with muslims as skirts with Christian women. But still , the easiest way to spot a Muslim man is : the Identity card. The electoral photo-identity cards issued by Government of India.

But what if the organizers equipped with the Government Order suspect any muslim man of illegally entering the Garba pandal, by fudging his religious identity? That’s entering the Garba Pandal on the identity card of his look-alike Hindu friend? Although this logic seems remote, as no Hindu and muslim can be friends, but what if such a situation does arise? How will the organisers detect on the spot, the religious identity of the muslim man? Obviously, then they can resort to another quick way of ascertaining the religious identity — The Pan Card. It may not have the residential address, but does have the name and photo of the holder.

The BJP MLA Usha Thakur surely has a great sense of humor though. Thakur has asked party workers to give some concession to those Muslim hunks who are accompanied by “female members”. But the party workers must make sure that the woman accompanying the Muslim man is actually a Muslim. This she thinks can be ensured… again by a valid photo identity card. A great suggestion, as what if the Muslim man is brought to the Garba Pandal by his Hindu female friend, disguised as a Muslim. You know, Love jihad is so prevalent in Indian society. Start looking for Love jihad couples, and stop only when you spot one…. Lady MLA’s suggestion brings into mind, the discotheques and swapping clubs with “Couples Only” Policy.

Anyway, she believes that her preventive measures will stop the massively prevalent “love jihad” conspiracy to distort the population ratio in the country. That way if Muslim women enter the Garba Pandals, then there is some scope of responding with “Love Dharmayuddha”.

The BJP MLA’s anger towards Muslim youth is not misplaced though. She reasons that if Muslims don’t worship idols, if Muslims object to singing Vande Mataram, whose the third verse onward mentions Durga, a deity, then why would any Muslim want to come to Garba Pandals. A very good question. She is no doubt intelligent. The question is as difficult as : Why Hindus socialize or speak with Muslims, or enjoy Qawwali, or Mushaira ; when a Hindu and Muslim can’t be friends? Why non-Muslims watch movies of Muslim actors?  That apart, not everyone has Shah of Iran as his friend, who he/she has to take to a Garba. In addition, who says festivities are just for merriment – fun and frolick! 

Saudi Arabia may have banned the entry of non-Muslims in the city of Medina, because of the same reasons as given by the BJP MLA. And every non-Muslim who mistakenly enters into Medina, may not be that innocent. As why will a non-Muslim enter Medina? when he has no faith in the Muslim religion? He may have some agenda.