How To Stop Afro Caribbean Hair Loss

How To Stop Afro Caribbean Hair Loss?

A new book by veteran hairdresser Mary Juliana Brice, titled 101 Ways to Avoid Hair Loss in Afro-Caribbean (For Persons with Relaxed, Natural, and Afro-Caribbean Hair), helps you do just that– that is offer the knowledge the author has built about preserving hair.

An excerpt from “101 Ways to Avoid Hair Loss”:

“The combination of sun, sea and chlorine can have a tremendous bleaching effect on the hair. A day tour on a boat, with sea bathing and sun bathing, can produce dramatic changes in hair colour. The resulting ‘sun-kissed hair’, though lovely and alluring, can become dry, brittle, and prone to breakage.”

What the Author has to say about her Book:

afro Caribbean hair and how to avoid afro-carribean hair loss

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Brice is certain of the appeal her book answers. “There is a tremendous increase in hair products and styles that are focused on our Afro-American, African, and Afro-Caribbean hair textures,” she says. That increase, she believes, is driving an epidemic of poor hair care, as users increase the incidence and abuse of hair-care products.

“I want my readers to realize the ways they have been neglecting the care of their hair,” Brice says, “and how easy it is to maintain healthy-looking hair.”

About the Author

Mary Juliana Brice, a native of St. Lucia, has been in the hairdressing industry for over 33 years. She is a graduate of The Morris School of Hairdressing, London, England. She has worked in London and the Caribbean islands. She was the first president of the Hairdressers Association in St. Lucia. Brice has owned and operated Julianeli’s Hairdressing Salon, Waves Hair Salon and Innovations Hairdressing Services. Over the years, she has been extremely dedicated to the care of Afro-Caribbean hair. She is a writer of short stories, articles on various subjects, and was a newspaper columnist. Her main focus is helping in the prevention of hair loss, by getting her clients to pay attention to all aspects of hair related activities. She resides with her family in Castries, St. Lucia.

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