How To use Potatoes that are Sweet

One recipe you can use the Potatoes that are Sweet. Yes don’t throw them away


If you fear that the potatoes which you have just bought are sweet and do not want to consume them. You can use them to prepare “Aaloo Tikiya” (potato patties). Unlike the common perception, the sweetness in potatoes blends well with the sweet chutney, condiments, curd, chick pea (in Hindi “Chhole”). Do make “Aaloo tikiyas” with potatoes that are sweet, and your Aaloo tikiyas will taste as good as that of the famous Chat wala.

Garnish your Aaloo tikiyas with Kala Namak (Black Salt) and grated raw carrot. Carrot brings out subtle flavours in an Aaloo chat.

Potatoes that are sweet go particularly well with grated raw carrot. When potatoes that are sweet are roasted, then raw grated carrot complements even better.

The entire complementing issue is important in cooking. Certain foods complement each other. For instance try making cauliflower in butter. Butter brings out the subtle flavours in cauliflower.