How to walk to lose weight?

The answer is: To lose weight, put a little spring in your step.

This is exactly how one should walk, to lose weight.

Putting a little spring in your step means the walker needs to get the lead out and put some spring in your step; As when someone Walks like when he/she is getting late for the Office or has to board the bus.

In order to know more about whether your walk to lose weight is up to the recommendation– you can read this Book .
As a rule of thumb, try to carry on a conversation while walking. If you are be able to carry on a conversation, but are becoming a little breathless when you talk, then you are walking right. If you manage to sing while you walk, then you need to speed up.

Brisk walking is great not only for weight loss but also for general well-being. Going for a walk every day can improve mood, increase energy, lower blood pressure and protect against diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer. Another important advantage of walking is – Yes, it’s the cheapest ways to gain health.

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