How and Where to share Sensitive Bank Account details Online

Note: Not Every Bank Account detail shared online is Sensitive. For sensitive bank Account details you must choose a secure and reputed platform. Here are a few Tips on How and where to share Sensitive Bank Account details Online.

Remember that NOT every Bank Account or personal information shared online is sensitive.

Some information is of public nature and it can be shared easily with the right person or place. Your Bank account number is a good example of a less sensitive information. You share your Bank account number more easily than your ATM PIN.

On the other hand, there are some sensitive Bank details which you don’t want to share. But that doesn’t mean you cannot share your Bank Account User Id, Debit Card details, Credit card details, ATM PIN etc Online or Offline. Such details or sensitive information can only be shared on a platform secured by your Bank. If you’re sure of the secured nature of a platform you can share these details without worrying about the safety of your bank account. In Online Banking, POS (payments made using debit or credit card in a shop), online buying at reputed eCommerce websites, service providers are secure. They are secure because the transactions take place on platforms and Payment Gateways recognized, used and secured by your Bank Account Provider.

In addition, your Bank’s Official website is also a secure platform.

These platforms ask for the details only to make the transaction more secure and verify the authenticity of the buyer (verification purposes).

We are living in a World of fast change. In today’s World Online Banking and Buying is becoming more common with each passing day. Hence instead of worrying too much about Online Banking, we must try to embrace it adequate caution. If you keep in mind the useful information share in the article, you will not worry too much about your Bank Account details getting misused.