Humans, Chickens and Dogs all group together wrt Weight Gain

There’s a direct correlation between your sugar & salt intake and you relishing the inherent taste of a particular food.

In simple, if you are having too much sugar & salt in your food and your love for the two doesn’t seem to subside any bit; then you are not enjoying the inherent taste of the food. The more you rely on sugar & Salt, the more apart you are getting from the Divine Taste every food intrinsically has.

So what is the recommendation: Cook something with low sugar or salt, what ever is applicable (you can experiment, no sugar or salt as well); Try to eat this Divine Food (with no taste enhancers, the taste is what God planned for us) slowly; feel the inherent aroma and try to find each bit of flavor with countless taste buds on your tongue. Try to connect with the God through His Food.

People who eat too much, or who struggle in their weight loss, seem to have forget the Divine Connection of Food. Adding too much taste enhancers, does nothing but make a person eat more; as there is not Divine connection anymore.

If this thought seems too vague to you, then consider this fact:  

No creature inhabiting this planet, is overweight till it feeds on food in its purest form; be it a zebra, a lion or a wolf. Only those who manipulate (or someone else manipulates on their behalf) too much with God’s Food; gain extra pounds: Be it humans, Chickens or Dogs.