iBall Andi Uddaan with SOS Button for Women in Dangerous Situations

iBall has launched Andi Uddaan for Indian woman. The key feature of Andi Udaan is the SOS button to ensure her safety and well-being in threatening or dangerous situations. The SOS button is on the back of the phone.

SOS Button :

SOS is a Morse “procedural signal” or “prosign.” As the SOS signal is a ‘prosign’, its respective letters have no inherent meaning per se. But since it informs about some danger, people often expand it as ‘Save Our Ship’ etc.

If in a situation of danger, pressing the SOS button gives out a loud siren sound to alert people nearby and sends a pre-defined message to five designated contacts. It also starts calling these five contacts, till the call is attended to.

In addition, the press of this button updates the user’s Facebook status along with geocodes to help pinpoint the user’s present location so that someone from social media, closest (in terms of location of the place) to the woman can arrange the much needed help.

Unlike other mobile applications that necessitate data support and require the user to unlock the device, Andi Uddaan requires the user to press the SOS button on the phone. Ya just that. It is possible also to enable GPS tracking by up to 10 people, so that the family or the friends of the woman in distress can be reached.

In addition to the SOS feature, the phone also has Geo-fencing . Through this feature a pre-designated persons can receive alerts when the user enters and exits a particular ‘geo-fenced’ area.

The Initiative:

The SOS button on iBall Andi Udaan is good. As it entrusts others for the safety of a woman. It’s surely better than much hailed self defence tools like a pen, comb, rolled newspaper or pepper spray as a woman needs a great guts to use those.