iBerry Launches QuadCore, Dual Core tablets with built-in 3G SIM

Gadget maker, iberry today launched two new models of iBerry tablets equipped with third generation (3G) SIM slots, for making phone calls and internet browsing.

First is the, iBerry Auxus CoreX4 3G is the only tablet from India have a quad-core Processor on a 9.7 inch tablet PC.

Price of  iBerry Auxus CoreX4 3G: Rs 15,990

The Other model, called Auxus CoreX2 3G comes with a seven-inch IPS panel display with 1280×800 pixel resolution.

Price of iBerry Auxus CoreX2 3G: Rs 10,990.

What iBerry Said on the eve of the launch,

“When the current Indian tablet PC market is flooded with price-driven tablet PCs, we take immense pleasure and pride to announce the launch of India’s 1st dual-core CPU and quad-core CPU based tablet PCs, both with inbuilt 3G SIM slot for calls and Internet,”

“With most of the current Indian tablet PC companies focusing on low-end low-price tablet PCs, we at iberry take a leading edge in the market with our new ventures, Auxus CoreX2 3G and Auxus CoreX4 3G.  iberry is now giving more importance to speed than cost.”

Opinion: 3G SIM enabled devices are really liked by Indians. A tablet having the 3G SIM, definitely holds attraction. That apart the price of the Quad Core tablet is very reasonable; although other Specs will determine the worthiness of the tablet.