If Cow is Mother in India, … What is Buffalo?

It will be wrong to assume that the responsibility of speaking sense in India, has become a copyright of one person or one political party — Mr. Modi and the BJP.

The assertions put forward by others can have sense as well.

Yesterday, when UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav reminded the Nation of what Mr. Modi said about Pink Revolution during 2014 Lok Sabha Election campaign and dared the BJP Government to ban beef exports; a section of media and Indians started brushing aside the comment as an out of context political attack.

During the 2014 Lok Sabha Election campaigning, Mr. Modi blamed the then Government of encouraging Pink Revolution (related to the meat business).

He was not wrong at that time. The UPA Government encouraged Pink Revolution and it helped India increase its Beef exports.

But what about Today? In just one year of the Modi led BJP Government (April 2015 Report) India had become the largest exporter of beef in the world. And the place is still firmly held even Today. Since April 2014, India further widened its lead over second-ranked Brazil with a projected total of 2.4 million tons exported in 2015 against Brazil’s 2 million. Today, India has left every one far behind.

According to Department of Animal Husbandry, Government of India — Officially, the slaughter of cows is banned and beef production is actually buffalo meat. Here too, the slaughter is restricted to males and unproductive females (female buffaloes who had been calved four or five times and whose milk yield has declined).

This brings us to the basic question of this Article: If Cow is Mother in India, … What is Buffalo?

According to official data: Roughly 53 per cent of India’s total bovine milk came from buffaloes. (Data: 2011-12)

If Indians are consuming Buffalo milk more or equally, then what is female Buffalo? Mother’s Sister!

Lets reason… why the Modi led BJP Government keeps politicizing cow as mother and … not female buffalo?