If you are a short guy then you will tend to have more weight

Just as most women tend to gain weight as they don’t want to be seen desirable in the eyes of men OR in simple words, don’t want to attract eye balls when in public; in the same way those men who are not tall enough, tend to gain weight too. This can be seen as their way of intimidating taller or more stronger competitors. More weight brings more gravity.

Now I can’t show you the results that back up what I’m saying. But this is what I have observed. What I said in the assertion I made regarding women, is also backed by nothing but my keen observation. So you don’t have to believe me as such. Just look at yourself and your weight. And if you happen to be a man with weight issues and an average or below average height; just try to figure out why you tend to gain weight all the time. And if you were not overweight in your teens and in your 20s; what are the factors that contributed to your heavy self now. Also look at the heights of the men you work with in your office. Chances are that, if you are surrounded by taller guys, then you will be carrying more weight than a normal body weight.

You can call it psychological and another form of comfort eating, which I prefer to call “survival eating” where a man tries to eat more in order to gain more weight. As somewhere deep in his mind, he thinks that more weight will keep him at a better footing among other males. It’s like eating for dominance or eating to intimidate.

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