If your Boss smiles back at You, You should Worry

Office workers are always concerned about how their boss thinks of them. Hence there’s always an effort to come to his/her Good Books.

But If your Boss smiles back at You, You should Worry.

If you smile at your boss and he/she smiles back, beware. It could be a sign that the Boss does not think too highly of you, according to a study.

According to research presented at the annual Society for Neuroscience conference in New Orleans,

“People who feel powerful are more likely to mimic the smiles of those they perceive as low status.  They are less likely, however, to return the smiles of people they consider of higher status than themselves. And when people are not feeling particularly powerful, they return everyone’s smiles almost equally”.

PS: The last line of the Post provides you additional intelligence on how to pinpoint a Good for nothing boss; and surpass Him.

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