What to do when ignored Blog makes Revenue?

Blogging is all about Hope and persistence. Hope because it’s difficult to start earning. Persistence because unless you persist on it you will not see any earning. Under this scenario, it’s common for many bloggers to keep increasing the number blogs. It’s also common for many bloggers to keep proliferating on new niches. Both these acts puts a blogger into a very tricky situation. A situation where he/she is putting hard work on one blog, but the earning is taking place on some other blog. What to do in such a case.

Blogging RevenueRemember, ignoring the blog where revenue is being created, will not be a good thing. Why? As sooner than later, that revenue will dry up, as you are not putting effort there. So what is the solution?

The solution is researching that blog, and equip oneself with the intelligence as to what factors — content, reader demography etc. is making it click. This intelligence can then be used to improve those blogs as well, where you are are toiling day in and day out.

Many people treat blogging as plain hard work. But, the reality is very different. Blogging is also about things a blogger doesn’t consciously think about. It’s also about Superior intervention (God). That’s why , many a times even those blogs or content performs remarkably well on which you invested least time. That’s why, a second look at what you unconsciously did right at that secondary or least liked blog, can help your entire blogging effort.

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  • antonella sala Dec 10, 2014, 3:19 pm

    I strongly believe that bloggers to make revenue have to work on increasing followers/readers to become a “It-Blogger” to engage readership who visit them every day to be informed on what is going on , what is trendy , what to buy and in this way they will become an interesting medium for investors

    So it become more and more important to post images and contents that could interest your readers and that they could be bought, as final goal.

    I am working with my site to build a new way to reach this goal.


    Antonella Sala