IGNOU Booklet of FAQs: Clears doubts about IGNOU courses, Admission process

IGNOU Booklet of FAQs download: The new IGNOU booklet clears doubts about IGNOU courses, Admission process.


ignou faqs booklet, ignou frequently asked questions, ignou faqs pdf download, IGNOU Booklet of FAQs, booklet to Clear doubts about IGNOU courses, Admission processIGNOU Courses are cost effective, have flexible entry qualifications and are well formed. Still a lot of students go for Distance Learning at private Universities. Why? One reason is the ambiguity (confusion) regarding the IGNOU courses and the IGNOU Admission process. If the confusion regarding these is cleared then many more young people in India will go for IGNOU courses.

To clear doubts over its courses and admission process, the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), the the world’s largest open university system with a pan-India and international reach, has launched a booklet compiling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

IGNOU FAQs in book form


IGNOU Booklet of FAQs comprises of 10 chapters. The first eight chapters deal with issues like registration, practical examinations, assignments, etc. The chapter 9 answers queries on courses being offered by the IGNOU, which are structured differently from conventional ones. The chapter 10 is on the open distance learning system of IGNOU.

The need to Clear the doubts about IGNOU courses and Admission process

Emphasizing on the need to clear the doubts regarding IGNOU Courses and Admission process, IGNOU in a statement said,

“It was observed that learners, including prospective applicants as well as alumni, guardians, teachers and other stakeholders, had many misgivings regarding the norms and procedures, rules and regulations followed in the University,” 

“This booklet is going to provide useful compilation and act as a reference material for all the full-time and part-time functionaries of IGNOU,” 

“It contains questions sent by learners and varsity functionaries from all over the country, along with the answers.”

Download IGNOU FAQs Booklet


The IGNOU FAQ e-book is in PDF format. You can download it directly from Here.

PS: IGNOU Booklet of FAQs is 28.7 MB in size. This Means that many people on slow internet connection will not be able to open it or download it. That apart, the size of this IGNOU booklet makes it impossible to be shared as email attachment. IGNOU should have kept the FAQs booklet size around 4-5 MBs. If people can’t download or share the IGNOU Booklets then the entire purpose of their existence is defeated.