Number of Papers you can appear in IGNOU TEE

IGNOU learners often ask:

Is there any limit to the number of IGNOU Courses (Papers) one can appear in IGNOU Term End Exam. Here’s the Answer.

IGNOU teeHow many IGNOU term end exams I can give at once? As I do have a backlog of pending Courses/subjects/papers.


What the maximum number of IGNOU Courses I can appear in IGNOU TEE or IGNOU Term End Exam?


What is the maximum number of IGNOU Credits / IGNOU Papers / IGNOU subjects I can appear in IGNOU TEE or IGNOU Term End Exam?

The Answer to all these questions is :

48 Credits maximum. That’s if each paper of your IGNOU Programme consists of 8 credits, then you can appear in 6 papers maximum in a TEE.

There is no restriction as to which papers you must appear it. You can appear also in those papers from previous semesters, which you didn’t complete or pass.

The Limit is for Registration for IGNOU credits/ courses/subjects. You can register for a maximum of 4 subjects at a time.

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  • ASHOK KUMAR Oct 24, 2014, 5:06 am

    Thanks to this info

  • Rituparna Mukherjee May 25, 2015, 2:03 pm

    In first semestar how many papers i will have to sit for MA hindi.Which days the papers will be. Because i am new in chennai and being new my school principal is not allowing to sit for the exam as she will not give any leave. Second saturday is off and one saturday i can manage. Kindly tell me are the exams on week days?

    • A Bisht Jul 8, 2015, 8:46 am

      You can sit on all papers, keeping in mind the 48 credits per tee limit.

      IGNOU has a fixed TEE Schedule, hence it’s upto the learner to keep himself or herself free for the exams.