Late Fee for Submitting IGNOU Examination Form After March 31

The Late fee for submitting IGNOU Examination Form after March 31 is Rs 300. The late Fee of Rs 300 will apply from April 01 to April 20, every year, for June TEE.

Late Fee , IGNOU Examination Form , Submission Date, June TEE, You are required to pay examination fee at the rate of Rs. 60/-per course for theory as well as practical. Dates for submission of examination forms start from 1st March to 31st March without late fee. Late fee of Rs 300/- is from 1st April to 20th April, 2014 for June, 2014 TEE.

For instance, you are filling examination form for 4 courses or papers in June Term End Examinations,. If you are submitting your IGNOU examination form (and assignments , as you can’t fill examination form without submitting the assignments of these papers) in from April 01-April 20, 2014, then you have to pay,

60 x 4 + 300 = 240 + 300 = Rs 540

You can pay by Credit card , debit card, net banking online; or you can pay through a bank draft. If you pay by a Band Draft; then you have to pay Rs 540 + Band Draft Exchange Rates (Fee charged by banks to create Band Draft).

This Bank Draft will be made in Favour of IGNOU, payable at the city of your Regional Centre.

NOTE: Some Study Centres keep accepting the IGNOU Examination Form with Rs 300 Late Fee till April 30. But IGNOU categorically states the Last Date to Submit IGNOU Examination forms with Rs 300 Late fee till April 20.