Time Duration IGNOU Registration is valid | Individual Course

Many a times IGNOU learners ask : What is time duration for which my ignou registration for a particular course is valid?

Time Duration IGNOU Registration is valid | Individual CourseHere’s the Answer: 2 years 

An IGNOU registration or IGNOU re-registration for a particular course (subject) is valid for 2 years from the date of registration or re-registration.

To help you understand better, lets take the example of IGNOU MBA.

Say your Registration Details are showing this:

ignnou registration validity


  • The registration or re-registration for Jan-2014 semester takes pace during the previous semester, in this case during July 2015 Semester.

Thus The registration will starts from Jan 2014 semester will be valid for : Jun 2014 TEE(Term-End Examination), Dec 2014 TEE, Jun 2015 TEE and Dec 2015 TEE.

Thus in order to appear in Jun 2016 TEE, you should re-register for the said course in Jul 2015 Semester.

  • The last IGNOU TEE you can appear in for the registration or re-registration which commences from Jul-2014 semester will be Jun 2016 TEE
  • The last IGNOU TEE you can appear in for the registration or re-registration which commences from Jan-2016 semester will be Dec 2017 TEE

Say the last TEE for any IGNOU course registration was Dec 2015. If you did not re-register for the said course, in advance, during Jul-Dec 2016 semester; then you CANNOT take the said paper in Jun 2016 TEE. Although, if you re-register for the said paper during January-June 2016 Semester, then you can take the exam in December 2016 TEE.

Hope there’s not confusion now.

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  • Rahul R Patel Feb 29, 2016, 8:07 am

    I enrolled myself for IGNOU MP course in June 2003 and 8 years completion time period is already finish in June2011. i already cleared 6 papers and project report ( equivalent to 2 papers).i also submitted & cleared assignment of 18 papers.i thought i cannot complete this course.i check the ignou prospectus it gives futher 8years to complete the course and get the credit of pass papers.
    can you provide me your email id so that i can send the details from the ignou prospectus .
    i have few queries:-
    1.if i take readmission in these course than do i need to clear the assignment again for those papers also in which i haven’t appeared in the exam but assignment were cleared.
    2.How much i need to pay for the papers in which i have cleared the papers.

    Best Regards,

    • A Bisht Mar 4, 2016, 8:29 am


      Yes there’s such an option. As far as we know, you have to pay an additional a couple of hundred Rupees to get the credits transferred. That apart, you can only transfer credits equivalents to 4 or 5 subjects. Suggest you to visit the IGNOU Regional Center closest to your place of present address, before March 31, 2016. It’s better if you visit before that.



  • RK Mar 4, 2016, 8:25 pm

    Hi, Sorry for posting the irrelevant query in this article. Hope it’s okay!!

    My results for B.Com (FCA) are out. Result shows “Incomplete” for FHS01.
    Assignment Marks: 28
    Term End Theory: 62
    Pass mark is 35%. So, my doubt is, since I had failed in assignment only, do I need to write the term end exam AGAIN for the said paper? Or re-submitting the assignment only is enough ?

    If re-submitting ONLY assignment is enough, in how many days can I expect the new assignment marks? Should I again wait till Aug/Sep, 2016 (since June TEE results will be declared in Aug/Sep) 🙁

    Is it possible to go for re-evaluation of assignment paper ?

    Can I re-submit the assignment papers for other subjects, just to improve the marks I’ve got in previously submitted assignments.

    thanks a lot in advance

    • A Bisht Mar 5, 2016, 10:47 am

      You failed the assignment ONLY. Hence all you need to do is resubmit the assignment. As far as we know, you can do that anytime during the validity of the programme. Although it’s good to submit it as early as possible. Hope this answers your question.

      Thanks Admin

  • moumita Mar 10, 2016, 2:23 pm

    The Status is indicative only & cannot be used as a substitute for the final grade card which is sent by SED at the end of a semester.
    Course Code Asgn1 Asgn2 Asgn3 Asgn4 Term End Theory Term End Practical Status
    AHE1 47 47 – – 8 – Not Completed
    AOM1 – – – – 26 – Not Completed
    BHDF1 69 69 – – 52 – Completed
    BSHF1 – – – – 41 – Not Completed
    FHD2 75 75 – – 54 – Completed
    FST1 – – – – 28 – Not Completed
    TS1 75 75 – – 47 – Completed
    TS2 74 74 – – 68 – Completed
    TS3 73 73 – – 44 – Completed
    TS4 75 75 – – 48 – Completed
    TS5 76 76 – – 34 – Not Completed
    TS6 65 65 – – 45 – Completed

    Not withstanding the result published/declared, any case of UFM(unfair means) if found will make such result null and void.

    Note:- Assignment 4 and TE Practical do not apply to all the courses.mera 2016 tal vald hai. i m student of bts final year . maine 2015 december ko apna final exam de dia hai . bt project is month tak de dunga , tab kya mere marks main khuch badlao hoga. mera registration

    • A Bisht Mar 14, 2016, 10:01 am

      Sorry but I can’t understand your question. Please put it concisely.