IIT MBA to open itself for 3 year Graduate Programmes

IIT MBA to open itself for 3 year Graduate Programmes

ITTs are planning to change the educational eligibility criterion for its MBA programme.

Right now, those who want to apply for MBA programme at IITs require the following educational eligibility:

10th + 12th + 4 Year Graduate Degree

The mandatory requirement of a 4 Year graduate degree, stopped conventional graduates (BA, BCom and BSc) from applying for IIT MBA, as they complete their graduations in 3 years. They become eligible only after doing a post graduation. Thus, contrary to BTechs, BEs and other 4 year graduate programmes; conventional graduates have to study one year more (3 Years Graduation + 2 Years Postgraduation) to attain the education eligibility for IIT MBA.

Removing this anomaly (flaw or defect), IITs are going to change the current educational criterion for admission to its MBA programme to 10th + 12th + 3 Year Graduate Degree — thus paving the way for conventional (BA, BCom, BSc graduates).

The above change to the educational eligibility for MBA programme at IITs will be implemented in academic session 2012-13.