IIT-Roorkee Campus Placements: 90 per cent got placed

90 per cent undergraduate students get campus placement in IIT-Roorkee in 2014

To the ignorant, IIT Roorkee is the oldest Technical Institution of Asia. If that’s not enough to make the institution prestigious; then let’s look at IIT-Roorkee Campus Placements.

This year, i.e. 2014, 90 percent or 9 out of every 10 undergraduate students at IIT-Roorkee received campus placement offers from globally renowned companies like Google and Microsoft.

The highest international placement offer this year stands at Rs.73 lakh. Interestingly, the highest package doesn’t necessarily go to the class’s topper.

A quick info about IIT-Roorkee Campus Placements 2014

1,047 out of 1,631 students got placed in Campus placements

Sizable number of offers received pay packages highest in the history of the institution.

The The IIT Roorkee undergraduate getting the highest salary package among international offers stood at Rs.73 lakh. Within India the highest offer stands at Rs.32 lakh.

171 companies visited the campus (till date) for the Campus Recruitment Programme 2014.

Startups also visited the IIT Roorkee Campus Placements

As many as 10 startups also visited the campus this year. These start-ups offered 56 jobs to the students. Some of the notable startups being Unbxd, MySmartPrice, Printvenue.com.

Students have different preferences 

Many of us will think, why will someone go for start-ups or newly launched companies. The desire to get placed is there; but more than that it’s the preference of the students. Some students don’t want to take a conventional job. A start-up, based on upcoming technology or offering creative freedom to its employees is a fun place to work at. The risk is there, but if things click, the Sky’s the Limit. That’s many students go for start-ups even when they had opportunity to join an established renowned company.