IITs plan to implement a New Fee Hike with a Complicated Structure

In its Wednesday meeting, the IIT Council, the highest decision-making body of the IITs, has decided to have a common entrance test for IITs/NITs, state government-run and private engineering colleges throughout the country from 2013 and to implement a new fee hike with a complicated fee hike structure.

Talking on the fee hike issue, the Entry fee will remain at Rs 50 thousand per year at entry level. There was a proposal earlier to increase this to Rs 2 Lakh per year.

But, very aware that it’ll (the Government) have to face resistance from the people, if IITs go on to hike the fee that much (300 percent fee hike); the Government is also contemplating on another option, under which the burden of paying 1.5 Lakh per year or 6 Lakh for the entire BTech, will be put on the employers which provide job to the student after the completion of the BTech.

NOTE: The final decision in both contexts is still up for the approval from the state governments and the finance ministry. In case, the state Governments don’t give their nod to the proposal then only IITs/NITs – under the central government – would have a common entrance test.

Why the Fee structure is termed complex?

For the following reasons:

1) While all students will pay the existing fee, at the time of admission; 25% of students from General Category (yes, this is not for SCs/STs/OBCs)) who can afford the hike of Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2 lakh suggested by Anil Kakodkar committee, would be made to pay the amount to their institutions in easy installments. When asked how this complicated and not very practical maechanism will work, HRD minister Kapil Sibal said employers would pay to the IIT.

The mechanism is not as simple as the HRD Misnister wants it to be taken as. To ensure that the employers of the IIT passouts pay the money to IIT, under the proposed law, which is believed to dematerialize certificates, by rendering them in every time available electronic format, the employers would be given facility to cross-check the validity of certificates from government and then they would be told to pay a part of salary directly to the institute, that’s is the IIT.

Other Questions on which both the IIT Council and the HRD Minsister are very unclear about are?

What if an IITian from General Category, starts his/her own busieness instead of taking a Job?

What if an IITian from General Category joins a foreign firm in a foreign country?

To this the proposal has a provision under which the students would have to sign a bond right at the time of admission.

What if the student joins M.Tech and subsequently Ph.D programme directly after taking the BTech degree?

To this, HRD Minster said — 25 percent payback will apply after the incumbent completes his/her M.Tech and subsequently Ph.D, and joins a firm. May be this is to increase Higher research in the country.

Exception would also be given to those who after Ph.D join the IIT faculty.

What are your views on the proposed Fee hike and its intricacies?