How to Import Blogger Posts to WordPress — If nothing else works

How to Import Blogger posts to WordPress — If nothing else works? That’s if the Blogger Importer, RSS Feed etc. nothing allows you to import Blogger posts to WordPress blog; what to do?

In these exceptional Circumstances You can do this:

1. Go to Blogger >> Settings >> Other >> Blog Tools >> Export. Save the .xml file on your PC.

2) Go to [UPDATE: 2 Feb 2016 –> Link Not Working ]. Upload Your blogger saved .xml file and convert it to wordpress-wxr.xml file and save it on your PC.

3) Go to WordPress Dashboard >> Tools >> Import >> WordPress (last on the List). Uplaod the wordpress-wxr.xml file.

And you will successfully import all your Blogger blog posts to your new wordpress blog.

What the blogger2wordpress does is: It converts the Blogger xml file to WordPress xml file; so that it can be imported through WordPress importer. Do this and you will easily Import Blogger Posts to WordPress.

NOTE: Since this is an solution for Exceptional situations, hence be ready to add tags and categories to your imported posts. The solution, doesn’t import tags and categories.

When people start blogging ,they normally begin blogger and later use a custom domain name on their blogger blog. Although blogger blog is good, but it has its own disadvantages. One is, all your data, unless properly backed up is at the mercy of the Blogger. If Blogger decides to block your blog, then you may lose that hard work. But still for new bloggers, Blogger is fine. Another reason for moving to WordPress is its better SEO features and freedom of applying new features to one’s blog. To move to blogger, you will need your own hosting (Space) and domain name.