Improved Linkchecker for browsers: Dr.Web LinkChecker 3.2.1

Dr.Web LinkChecker 3.2.1: Improved Linkchecker for browsers launched.


Dr.WEB has released an improved Linkchecker for browsers, the version 3.2.1 of its plug-in Dr.Web LinkChecker for Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Mozilla (Firefox and Thunderbird). The updated version Linkchecker for browsers has new features to block undesired content and better usability. Only retreat being, theImproved Linkchecker for browsers is now supporting Opera and Firefox 6.0 and above browsers only.

Improved Linkchecker for browsers: Dr.Web LinkChecker 3.2.1

What New it Offers:


1) Supports content filtering, allowing banner and flash ads to be blocked. The database of advertising sites, which is based on information found in the public domain as well as on data obtained by Doctor Web virus analysts, is constantly updated with new entries. In addition, users can manually block any undesirable elements of web pages.

2) New Internet tracker option that makes it possible to avoid having activities monitored on the Web and corresponding targeted advertising as well as to block web analytics features (Google Analytics, Yandeks.Metrika, etc.) that monitor user behavior on web pages. In addition, the new feature makes it possible to block social networking site plug-in (Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, Google+, and LinkedIn).

3) The plug-in icon, displayed on the browser’s navigation bar, allows users to track the number of blocked elements on a web page and control some Dr.Web LinkChecker features.

4) The plug-in settings window has been revamped to make Dr.Web LinkChecker more informative and usable.

5) List of supported browser versions has been changed: Now the plug-in works with Opera version 15 only and Safari – 6.0 and above.

Availability: To use the plug-in, download it from the corresponding extensions catalogue available for your browser. If you already use Dr.Web LinkChecker, it will be updated automatically.

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