India 2024: Two wives Strategy!

Sometimes the degree of irrationality in someone’s claim becomes so absurd that all one can do is laugh it out.

Some people are now claiming that if every man belonging to a certain community keeps two wives, the community will rule India by 2024. Lets call it their: India 2024: Two wives Strategy!

There is no other way to respond to such a claim (in their estimation a strategy) than to Laugh if out.


As if this has to happen, then every logic must be defied (broken):

  • Is it possible for every man in a community to marry twice? … about 30 percent of men in any religion are often bachelors. An equal percentage of women remain maidens.
  • If even 70 percent of men keep two wives, then from where will they get a wife or two. If they marry inter-community, then they will rob someone else’s right to marry. If they go outside the community, then they will encroach upon the right of someone else. A bride in India is also a scarce resource.
  • People marry twice or keep more than one wife not because law permits them. But because they see other motivations. Majority of people, irrespective of their religion and motivations, will keep just one wife. Why? … Because taking care of one wife and children is enough economic burden for most people [That why we joke sometimes: As if taking care of one wife was not enough…].
  • How many people do you see in your society with two wives. Irrespective of how high you want the number to be, the number will not be more than that you can count on your finger tips.

To conclude, the good thing about majority of people is that we don’t blindly trust these claims or so called hidden agendas/strategies. Some among us, who do believe and share in such fake claims are those who are either less informed or do so for some partisan view.